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Quooker – boiling, chilled and sparkling water all in one tap

Quooker is an exciting innovative kitchen mixer tap for kitchen sinks and worktop installation. Choose from an instant boiling water tap, or a 3 in 1 tap providing hot, cold and boiling water. Quooker taps also dispense sparkling and chilled water.

We have Quooker taps on display in all of our kitchen showrooms. Pop in and see the tap that does it all for yourself!

quooker tap - boiling water tap where quooker safety is paramount

An extremely safe choice

It’s totally understandable you should wonder about the safety of a instant boiling water tap if you’ve never used one before. A Quooker is an extremely safe choice for every household, including families with young children. Here’s why:

The flow of water is not a solid jet

The boiling-water flow doesn’t come out of the tap as a solid stream of water. It is made of fine droplets unlike a toppling kettle or pan which sends a solid cascade of water, causing serious burns in an instant.

An insulated, rotating tap

Quookers have a rotatable spout to ensure you can fill a jug or a pan precisely and easily with no spills or splashes. Their spouts are extremely well insulated so there’s no risk of you burning yourself when operating it.

The child-safe handle

A Quooker will never automatically dispense boiling water. You have to press the handle twice and then turn it. Only then does boiling water come out. This safety system has been extensively tested to protect young, curious children and any user unfamiliar with its use. There is very little risk of turning the boiling water tap on accidentally. The tap has a light ring that lights up while the tap is on, warning anyone – Watch out! I’m dispensing boiling water!

Quookers won’t tip over

Quookers are taps so they won’t tip like a pan or a have a cord which can catch or be grabbed like a kettle. Accidents of this kind are simply impossible with a Quooker in your home.


Quooker for Innovative Design

Quooker taps make sense in today’s busy homes:

  • Instant 100°C boiling water 
  • A child safe choice
  • A-rated appliance
  • Saves on space
  • Compact installation
  • Water purifying filter
  • Chilled and sparkling water

Our customers find their Quookers really useful – they are used every day for all kinds of things. You’ll be glad to hear the Quooker is an eco-friendly appliance using only 3p worth of energy a day. Use only what you need without having to wait. You’ll be wondering how you managed without one!

How will you use your instant boiling water tap?

Ask any Quooker owner and they’ll have their own favourite tips for you, but here are some of the most popular uses of this innovative instant boiling water tap:

Quooker tap with endless possibilities

Cooking pasta, rice, potatoes, couscous

Quooker flex - instand boiling water tap for teas and coffees

Making tea and coffee

save space in a small kitchen with Quooker instant boiling water tap - makes cleaning a breeze

Cleaning saucepans, knives and chopping boards

Quooker flex - safe for little hands in the kitchen

Safe for little hands in the kitchen

Quooker tap - handy in the kitchen for washing vegetables

Washing vegetables

Quooker Classic fusion - chilled filter water, straight from the tap

Chilled filtered or sparking water, straight from the tap

kitchen designer
Turnbull kitchen showrooms and bathroom showrooms

A Quooker can be the exciting focal point of your brand new kitchen design. Why not book an appointment to chat to one of our experienced kitchen designers and find out more about innovative kitchen appliances for your makeover?

Like to be hands on? We have Quooker taps and working displays of appliances featuring the latest kitchen technology in all of our showrooms. See the boiling water tap in action at your nearest showroom today.

Approved Quooker Dealer

Turnbull is an approved dealer and supplier of the popular Quooker tap, and our designers can advise on how to incorporate one in your new kitchen design. Separate boiling water tap or mixer option, over your main sink or fitted to a kitchen island, they’ll help you decide an installation option to suit your layout.

Quooker tap - Quooker Flex with pull out hose

Finishes to match any designer kitchen

The Quooker mixer tap now comes in finishes to match your kitchen design: classic polished chrome and stainless steel as well as black, gold or patinated brass. Its classic spout profile will look at home in both contemporary and traditional kitchens. This customer project shows just how a Quooker complements a luxury kitchen design.

Quooker tap - designs to suit all kitchens

A Quooker adds value

Once in a while technology proves a game-changing innovation for the home. A Quooker is just that. Convenience, practicality and choice for you and your family – all in one kitchen tap! No more kettles to fill or plastic sparkling water bottles to recycle. They are fast becoming a popular item on homebuyers’ wishlists, adding value to kitchens and homes.

Which Quooker is for you? 

Quooker Flex polished chrome

Quooker Flex

The Quooker Flex has a handy, flexible pull out hose dispensing 100°C boiling, hot and cold water. Fitted with a safety stop, the Flex is so practical, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Quooker Fusion Square

Quooker Fusion

The Quooker Fusion gives you boiling, hot and cold water from one spout – a great space-saver and when combined with the CUBE below cabinet filter, it will also give you delicious chilled and sparkling water. 

Quooker Fusion Round

Classic Fusion

The Classic Fusion has a timeless 3 in 1 design for anyone wanting the latest kitchen tap technology in a traditional or classic kitchen setting. 

If you’re looking for your perfect Quooker, talk to your local Turnbull Kitchens designer

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