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Turnbull aspire to adopt and apply the principles of sustainable development to meet our needs in the present without affecting the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs.

Turnbull will aspire to achieve this aim by the following measures:

  1. To monitor and improve the company’s environmental performance on a continual basis.


  1. We will seek to adopt the highest available environmental standards in all our areas of operation in so far as is reasonably practical.


  1. We shall use the principles of waste minimisation and energy conservation to optimise our business performance and minimise our impact on the environment.


  1. We will adopt an environmentally sound transport strategy, purchase fuel efficient vehicles and operate the fleet to maximum overall efficiency.


  1. Assess the environmental impacts of the company’s operation now and in the future and set in place measures to minimise pollution arising there from.


  1. We expect our suppliers to adopt similar environmental standards


  1. We purchase all our timber products from companies that ensure the material comes from companies that support sustainable forests and good forestry management best practice or similar.


  1. That health, safety and environmental practices and procedures are of the highest standard.

At Turnbull we call this, Best Practice, and we concentrate on three Pillars: Local communities, our colleagues and our customers. These are underpinned by robust compliance, governance, and a culture and ethos whereby everyone is listened to and understands Turnbull values. By working in this way, we meet our legal, moral and caring obligations as a business.

Turnbull and Company

As part of our carbon off setting schemes we have supported the planting of trees. By clicking the link below you’ll find a breakdown of the projects we’ve supported.

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