Stonemarket Marketstone Project Pack [20.93m2] 18mm Sahara Multi


Stonemarket Marketstone Project Pack [20.93m2] 18mm Sahara Multi
Stonemarket Marketstone Project Pack [20.93m2] 18mm Sahara Multi
Indulge in the timeless charm of high-quality Indian sandstone with the Stonemarket Marketstone Sandstone Paving range. These Indian sandstone slabs feature a captivating blend of buffs, browns, golds, and reds, adding warmth and character to any outdoor space. Crafted with precision, these riven Indian sandstone slabs boast exceptional strength and low water absorption, surpassing the British Stone Standard for performance. Its resilience against algae growth and frost damage ensures long-lasting beauty and durability.

Ideal for crafting patios or seating areas, this Indian stone paving pack offers both versatility and sustainability, minimizing waste and maximizing aesthetics. Elevate your outdoor landscape with the natural allure and enduring quality of Stonemarket Marketstone Indian sandstone paving, a testament to both craftsmanship and style.



Stonemarket Marketstone Project Pack [20.93m2] 18mm Sahara Multi

  • Colour: Sahara Multi
  • Size: 4 mixed size Project Pack
  • Each pack contains the following slabs;
    915x610x18mm x 17
    610x610x18mm x 17
    610x305x18mm x 18
    305x305x18mm x 19
    Total of 71 slabs
  • 18mm thickness
  • Dimensions include a joint width
  • Low water absorbency of 1.7% or less
  • Tough and durable
  • Algae and frost damage resistant
  • Exceeds installation standard BS7533 part 12

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean indian sandstone?
The simplest remedies to keep your paving looking its best is with regular brushing, regular weed maintenance upkeep and replacing any jointing sand or compound as it's needed.

Mix some washing up liquid with warm water in a bucket, pour this over your paving and give it a good scrub with a hard bristled brush. Rinse off thoroughly and leave to dry for 24 hours and enjoy a fresher, brighter looking patio.

Should I seal my paving slabs?
Sealing paving stones helps protect from stains and provides a protective barrier, making future cleaning and maintenance that much easier. Some sealers also enhance the colour of the stone, especially popular with multi coloured sandstone.
It isn't a requirement to seal any high quality paving and comes down to personal preference and circumstances.

How long to wait before sealing indian sandstone?

The optimal time to wait is 8-12 weeks / 2-3 months after installation. 

How to stop sandstone going green?
Natural stone is a naturally porous material so the softer the stone, the quicker algae may grow in damp conditions. Choosing a high quality, low porosity paving stone can go a long way in preventing or slowing down algae growth, alongside a regular cleaning routine.

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