Single Openlok Pipe Clip 22mm
Single Openlok Pipe Clip 22mm



About this product

Unifix Single Openlok Pipe Clips are designed with a hinge design for repeated opening and closing and a single screw fixing. These are manufactured in the UK. These clips are made from heat resistant polypropylene, which withstands the temperature changes in central heating systems and is effective with pipes with temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius. Most pipes in domestic central heating systems operate at around 70 degrees Celsius.

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Single Openlok Pipe Clip 22mm

  • Single Pipe Clip
  • 2 Sizes available: 15mm & 22mm
  • Large base design prevents clip being pulled into plaster and gives more support against side loads
  • Reinforcing spines down each side of the clips adds top the strength of the clip and gives it rigidity
  • Open pipe clips have long, thick ”arms” which embrace further round the pipe when in the clip. This is crucial to ensuring maximum retention of the pipe for this style of clip
  • Pipes are always parallel and are more aesthetically pleasing
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