Micafil Vermiculite Insulation Silver Pearl 100Ltr
Micafil Vermiculite Insulation Silver Pearl 100Ltr



About this product

Micafil Exfoliated Vermiculite is an excellent loose-fill thermal insulating material for lofts, interior cavity walls, pipe protection and chimney flue linings. It creates safe, thermal and acoustic insulation for anywhere in the home. Free running, flowing aerated particles can be poured straight from the bag. It's easy to handle and is perfect for places where access is difficult.  Use Micafil to insulate any area of loft space, surround cabling in a heat-insulating protective blanket, even add to concrete for a lightweight floor screed. Versatile, useful material for everything from bulb storage, compost additive and protective packaging. 

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Micafil Vermiculite Insulation Silver Pearl 100Ltr

  • Safe, inert insulating material
  • Irritant, fibre and odour-free
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Fire proof up to 1300 degrees centigrade
  • Sound-absorbent
  • Huge range of applications
  • Coverage: 100 litres = 0.1 cubic metre
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