Washed Sharp Sand Bulk Bag


Washed Sharp Sand Bulk BagWashed Sharp Sand Bulk BagWashed Sharp Sand Bulk Bag
Washed Sharp Sand Bulk Bag
Washed Sharp Sand Bulk Bag

Turnbull Washed Sharp Sand is a gritty general-purpose sand when a tougher mortar mix is needed for building or landscaping projects. It's coarser than building sand giving concrete more strength, making it perfect for laying patio slabs. It also makes an ideal sand screed bed for paving and bedding in driveway block paving.

As sharp sand drains freely it is ideal for use in gardens and landscaping, its larger grain size and low overall clay content allow for better drainage in your garden. Our Washed Sharp Sand Bulk Bag keeps clean and tidy until you need it. Just barrow up in smaller quantities as you require.

Washed Sharp Sand is sourced locally and is made with naturally occurring materials, the colour and texture of the material may vary. Bulk bags are delivered free of charge to your curbside.



Washed Sharp Sand Bulk Bag

  • Washed sharp sand bulk bag
  • Nominal weight: 850kg ( 5% +/-)
  • Actual weight of bag depends on moisture content
  • For lifting and moving purposes, assume 1000kg (Tonne bag)
  • Makes tougher mortar mixes, screed beds and paving courses
  • Ideal for use in the garden
  • Locally sourced
  • Colour may vary

Frequently Asked Questions

How many 25kg bags in a bulk bag?
Assuming a bulk bag weight of 850kg, 34 x 25kg bags is the same as one bulk bag.

Is it possible to purchase sharp sand in bulk without the bag?
Loose load delivery is offered at select branches.
Feel free to contact your nearest branch to check availability and discuss your requirements in detail.

Can I use sharp sand for pointing slabs?
The traditional way to point paving slabs is using a 4:1 mix of sharp sand to cement, but the mix can be on the coarser side depending on personal preference. Builders sand is also a viable option to use for a smoother finish, or a combination of both sand types.

Can I use sharp sand for block paving?
Sharp sand is a crucial ingredient for cement mixes, screeding, rendering, and mortar mixes. It's the top choice for base mixes in block paving. When it comes to filling block paving joints, kiln-dried sand reigns supreme. It's efficient at squeezing into tight gaps and eliminating excess moisture.

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